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Certified Watsu® Instructors In New Zealand

Carolyn Crawford: Basics, Watsu One & Watsu Two (WABA Courses)

Carolyn Crawford has been practicing Watsu since 1996, and teaching since 1998. She certified as a Watsu instructor at Harbin Hot Springs California. Her background is in nursing, midwifery, psychology and counseling. In her private practice in New Plymouth, she offers Hellerwork, Watsu, and Bodywork for Pregnancy. In 2002 she was involved in the first NZ based ‘Watsu research’ project, carried out at Q.E. Hospital in Rotorua. Carolyn has a vital interest in bridging ‘mainstream’ and more complementary therapies; the potential for transformation and growth found in our personal health journeys, and the intertwining of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical, in our experience of well-being.
Contact: 06 7539331

Sol Petersen: 'Watsu Experience' Weekends

Director of Mana Integrative Therapies, Sol has been working in the field of somatic therapies for 25yrears. With training in Structural Integration, Cranio Sacral Therapy, the Aston Method, Hakomi Experiential Psychology, Watsu Aquatic Therapy, Trager and T’ai Ji, his long-term passion has been to create a truly holistic approach to bodywork. Sol also teaches Structural Integration, T’ai Ji and has a passion for men’s work.
Contact: 07 866 9871 or 021 893 055

Inika Spence

Contact: via 064 6 7539331

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