A Watsu® Session


  • You need to allow a ‘good hour’ for a session, generally 45-60 minutes of this is spent in the water.
  • You will need a swimsuit and towel (and sunscreen, if sessions are outdoors).
  • Your practitioner will outline the course of the session and answer any questions you might have.
  • At the first session a health history questionnaire will be completed, and range of movement tests may be undertaken in cases of restricted mobility.

In The Water

  • In the water your practitioner may wrap small ‘floats’ around your legs to prevent them from sinking during the session.
  • Your practitioner will support under your head and either low back or knees. You will be gently moved through the water in a continuous flowing motion, with the practitioner adding stretches, point work and massage as appropriate.
  • Your ears will be mostly under the water, nose and mouth above. Earplugs may be an option for some.
  • Some drift off to sleep, others will remain aware of everything during a session, both are fine. There is no right or wrong way to receive Watsu.
  • At any stage you have had enough for what-ever reason, you can ask to stop. (Although usually the opposite happens and people want a session to go on and on!)


  • At the end of a session your practitioner will bring you to an upright stable position and stay with you until you are ready to support yourself. Some people like to sit quietly at the wall, or float in the pool on their own, others like to talk a little about their experience of the session. Either is fine.
  • Make sure you have planned time to rest quietly after your session (rather than rushing off to work!) and drink a little extra water. Also make sure you have a contact number for your practitioner in case you have questions later on…or would like another session!

Note: The above is an outline of a Watsu session. After receiving a number of Watsu sessions, some people choose to experience one of the underwater therapies.